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Anonymous asked: What shoes are good for running?

honestly, asics are best 

Anonymous asked: I want to join cross country so bad!! But I'm not the fastest runner and I'm scared people will judge me or something and no friends want to come join with me should I just suck it up and go alone?

Yes do it! You will make so many friends. Runners are the best kind of people (; everyone is working hard. JUST FINISHING IS A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT so no one ever judges you for your speed! 

Anonymous asked: What's your best advice to someone who's new to XC? Everyday after practice my ankle hurts like crazy!

Ice bath for sure! Possibly consider getting a professional running store to check out your shoes and see if there is an arch problem or something. My advice would be work hard and have fun! Hope you enjoy it (: 

Anonymous asked: hello :) I am 99% sure I'm going to run xc this year and I'm in pretty good shape already. Our summer conditioning starts next week and its pretty much every day for the rest of the summer, plus I play club lacrosse so I'll be doing a lot of physical activity. However, if I do run, I'm going to want to be top 7. There are two spots open, and one is basically already taken by my friend. Anything you can say to motivate me?:)

If you want it you can have it. Cross country is wonderful because hard work does pay off and it’s very mental. You can do it! (:  

Anonymous asked: Haah, I remember my first day of XC camp! It was so hard bc I haven't ran before (well not a long distance, maybe from my bedroom to the kitchen without anyone noticing me). Looking back, I was such a horrible runner. But to anyone who is new to the sport, it gets better! My teammates and I are like a huge family! I do not regret joining XC!

Anonymous asked: What is your 5k time and training plan?


Mondays- some sort of speed exercise

Tuesdays- timed intervals

Wednesdays- long run

Thursdays- hills

Fridays- speed day 

Anonymous asked: I'm planning on joining cross country for my sophomore year of highschool & I noticed I'll need a watch & I was wondering if they mean like a stop watch or heart rate monitor?? Sorry if I sound stupid lol just want to get prepared :)

Just a stop watch should do (: not stupid at all! 

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm in the same situation as that previous anon! My coach wants me to do cross country too, and I'm really hoping it will tone my legs. Do you know how long it will take to start seeing results?

For me, a couple weeks. Cross country makes you tough ;)

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm an 8th grade girl and my gym teacher gave me a slip today that told me I should join cross country at my high school next year. I'm 5'9" and 13 years old. Any advice for training over the summer? Or any basic questions I should ask the coaches at the interest meeting they're having?

Run 3 or 4 times a week over the summer even if its just for a half hour! It all builds endurance 

Anonymous asked: Okay so im a freshman in highschool im currently in track my coach wants me to drop my mile time to a 5:35-40 yet my best time so far has been 5:54. Any tips to help drop time before championships that are in a week and half?

I hope this isn’t too late! ): fast competition can be your biggest help here. It is a mental game so find someone who you know runs around that time or faster and make yourself stay with them the best you can. You’re stronger than you think. 

Anonymous asked: Do you think running everyday, at least 1-3 miles (or 10-50 minutes) and then slowly doing more miles/minutes is good for getting better (time wise) and having more endurance before cross-country starts?

Yes! That sounds like an ideal plan 

Anonymous asked: how many miles does cross country run for practice on average?

Mine does 3 or 4

Anonymous asked: what is your 5k time?

I’m a female and it’s 18:45

Anonymous asked: I want to try out for cross country but I'm not sure if I'd be any good, I do soccer, but my miles time is pretty horrible at 10:58. Do you know anyway I could make myself faster? (Schedule, plan, etc) or if I should even try out at all? I'm currently 5"2', 154 lbs

You must try out! Cross country is wonderful and the best you can do for yourself is find someone else and partner run with them a couple times a week for 2 or 3 miles. Even if you’re not going too fast, it builds endurance. The cross country family is a really strong bond, something you won’t want to miss out on (: 

Anonymous asked: Hi I'm going to join the Cross country team, and I haven't had much experience running. I don't want to suck and be the worst on the team. How should I get better?

Practice is the best thing for you. Running three to five times a week even if it’s just for 2 or 3 miles is great for your endurance