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For everyone who loves cross country and sometimes track
and the shit we deal with
Anonymous asked: A good 3k time for a girl would be like 11:00 to 13:00 minutes. For a boy 9:00 to 11:00 minutes.

Anonymous asked: did you run cross country in middle school? i am in middle school now (8th grade), and instead of a 5K we run a 3K. i was wondering what a good time would be?

I didn’t ): but I am sure a lot of followers for this blog have. 

Post some of your middle school 3k times, folks! 

Anonymous asked: I'm so fucking happy, I PR ed by over a minute yesterday in the mud in rain.

hell yeah! Good work

Anonymous asked: I feel like everyone who runs cross country has a certain level of respect for every runner. its like "yea i might hate your personality but we both go through the same shit so i respect you for doing it "


Anonymous asked: A lot of other sports say their team is like a family but this is real, they're like brothers and sisters that I actually get along with

Anonymous asked: Does your xc team play frisbee too? Or is that not a popular thing

Everyday. haha

Anonymous asked: I thought id have no friends on the cross country team, I didn't really know anyone but they accepted me and treated me like family immediately, I absolutely love it!

Yay! This is exactly what cross country is about! 

Anonymous asked: I just want some of your followers to know that there is no such thing as "too slow" everyone starts at their own pace and if you can even do something like keeping up with the person ahead of you, you'll get somewhere. You just have to try, good luck and have fun at xc!

Yes thank you! 

Anonymous asked: I'm a sophomore and this is my first year of cross country (I hate myself for waiting this long to join, I love it so much) my first race is Wednesday, any tips?

Don’t expect too high of standards for yourself. It’s your first race so enjoy it (: Try to run with people who you train with at practice and remember wherever you start is a great starting point (: 

Anonymous asked: My team just had our first race of the season and I ran 17:33 and came in first for my team. But they are nothing but pissed at me. And now they just want to beat me instead of being my teammate. How do I deal with this target on my back?

Keep beating them! They’ll appreciate you eventually. You;re a team and with your help they’ll win more meets. Don’t worry about their initial reactions.

Great job by the way! 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a sophomore who did distance track her freshmen year and decided to try cross country. I had my first meet today and I got a time of 27:02 in a 5k. I'm super disappointed because a bunch of freshmen beat me! How can I improve my time and not let them make varsity before I do? Also, I always throw up after a race. Is that normal?

I have a friend who’s team one nationals this year in xc and he throws up before or after every race, so that can be normal yet unpleasant. Also, if you can pace yourself with them and mentally focus on running with them then beating them you can do it! Age doesn’t mean too much in this sport though so don’t worry if freshmen are passing you up sometimes. 

Good luck! (: 

Anonymous asked: So umm this my 2nd year in cross country and I'm a freshman and I'm only like 4'11 and I'm a boy but my fastest 5k time is 22:22 but I wanna get a sub 20:00 any tips?

You can do it! Just pick someone a little faster to try to race with and when you conquer that, pick a faster person. Running together and pacing with each other helps everyone get faster. 

Anonymous asked: okay so im a sophomore and this is my first year doing xc... I joined w some friends but they're slower than me and can't keep up and I feel bad to leave them but I can run longer than they can, how do I nicely leave them when they stop and walk and want me to walk too?

tell them you’re just trying to catch up with someone faster than you and that you’ll catch up with them at the end of the workout. I had this happen to me as well. No worries! 

Anonymous asked: I just ran my fastest 5k (18:26) and I'm super happy and I might run varsity next meet!

Yay! That’s amazing! So proud of you you rock!! 

hipppocrite asked: My first 5k time was 33 minutes. I was the second slowest on a team of over 100. But I stuck with it and cut my time down to under 21 minutes, made 4th place on varsity even. But everyone there, whether they eventually joined the ranks of the "fast" or not, improved with practice, and was a part of the team effort/spirit. Don't hate on yourself just bc you're not there yet -- keep working at it!

YES! Thank you (: 

You guys all rock