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For everyone who loves cross country and sometimes track
and the shit we deal with
Anonymous asked: Im an 8th grade girl and have a pr of 24:43 do you have any advice on improving before high school cross country?

Summer running is the most important! Being consistent is more important the the number of miles per day. If you can do 3 miles four times a week it’ll help you more than like, 10 miles once that week. 

Anonymous asked: Currently I have a cross country pr of 25:04 and a mile pr of 6:03, I'm a freshmen so this is my first year of any running related sports and I love it! But because of my age I (along with some other kids my age) get seriously hated on just because of our age. Not to boast but I hold a few freshmen records for my school and I bumped a few of the girls who are so cruel to us off the list. They run off a practice without us and laugh at us, is there anything I can do to stop them before outdoor?

The only thing I’d say is keep working hard so they see that you’re working for those spots. Best of luck to you. 

Anonymous asked: For the anon I was SUPER slow when I joined cross country but I love it! I grew so much from my freshmen year(I am currently a sophomore). I love my team and in general I think that xc teams are really supportive. So join! I could not recommend a better sport!

You rock

Anonymous asked: I managed to drop from 20 to 18:03 in a span of 3-4 months. It's killing me to drop to 16s. Heading into my senior season. I got about 8-9 months until the district meet. Texas runner! What you think? Are you high school graduate? How old are you? Thanks for the reply if possible..

WOW. That’s amazing! I am a senior in high school actually haha Sorry I just saw this.. I hope your running is going well. 

Anonymous asked: I sometimes get so nervous about races that I want to puke, and because of this I might not do next season. Any advice?

Yes that feeling sucks but THINK ABOUT THE FEELING AFTERWARDS. It’s worth it, and facing that feeling is what males runners so connected, tough and determined. 

Anonymous asked: I'm a heavy girl, high 190's and I've been running for the past couple months to get to this weight. I've been looking into cross country and I think it'd be a lot of fun (after/during it'd kick my booty). I intend to lose 20-30 more pounds before this summer when summer training begins, any advice? Have you ever met a heavy runner? Thnx xx

Yes, of course! Runners are all shapes and sizes. The beautiful thing about running is that no matter what your times are, you all finished and you all ran just as far. Its a humbling sport. Crunches, planks and whatever little core workout you want to do helps me most while I’m running too. So, if you run a mile of two on your own for the day then do a little strength work afterwards and its more effective. Best of luck! (: 

Anonymous asked: I run 2 miles during my cross country races. I usually average around 13:30-14 minutes for two miles. My problem is breathing..I know I push myself a lot but I have such a hard time being able to breathe. I want to improve tho but it's hard. I know I don't have asthma or anything bc we even asked the doctor and he said it was from pushing myself

Dietary things might help! Other cardio exercise other than running would be good practice to get your stamina up which could help your breathing problem

Anonymous asked: I have planter fasciitis on both of my feet. been 4 months since I stopped running so I can heal. Started nov till now in march. takes 6 months to a year for a full recovery from what I looked up. I want to run in college soon in June. Any tips?

Have you discussed with the college coach? They would know best. Look up good stretches for that (I had it once too). Also I’d be doing stationary biking 

Anonymous asked: I wanna participate in this upcoming cross country season my mile time is like 10 minutes right now. Do you think I'll be able to do it? Tips on what I should do to prepare. I'm in 8th grade btw and a girl

You can do it! It’s not so bad, I was scared too. Once you start you’ll love it. My suggestion to you would be run with some friends this summer a couple times a week so you’re ready when the season starts. 

If someone would like to help me run this blog, please put your info in my ask. 

Anonymous asked: I'm a sophomore and have a pr of 21:44 do you think it's realistic for me next year to have a pr of 20 even

Yes! Of course! 

Anonymous asked: I see a lot of people posting ice bath pictures . When do you take an ice bath?

After tough workouts or if you are sore or hurting anywhere 

Anonymous asked: What state did/do you run for ?


Anonymous asked: For a girl, do you think a pr of 23:15 is ok?

Yes! Every PR is okay. You guys rock. 

Anonymous asked: I've been running for about a run now and I was able to get my 5k time from 35 minutes 25 but I had to take a month and a half off because I have shin splints bordering on stress fractures. Now I'm getting back into running and I don't know how to get back into without over doing it. Any advice?

Ice a lot and make sure you ease into things. I’ve seen so many stress fractures from going too hard on yourself when you’re just getting back into things. Make sure you have at least two/three recovery days to start with. Hope this is helpful! I’ve never actually had an injury myself. :/