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Anonymous asked: I'm really frustrated because I've been on the team for three years and I train with the varsity girls and am able to very easily keep up with them both in distance and speed , but when races come around, I'm literally one of the slowest JV racers in the meet, usually clocking about a 21:30.I have training paces faster than that. Do you have any ideas why this would be? It's making me mad, because I'm stuck running with seventh graders and I manage to lose to 12 yo newbies every time :/

This happened to a girl on my team. Running is so mental. You have to believe you’re faster than them and that YOU CAN run with them. Keep them in your sights next time and let them pull you. You will get there. 

Good luck (: 

Anonymous asked: My first meet was yesterday and I ran a 28 and I'm really disappointed in myself, a lot of it was my asthma (I forgot my inhaler) but I honestly thought I was at a 26 at least. Do you have any advice to advance my training/ advice for meets?

Don’t be disappointed! You have only just started! Congrats in your first meet. To see improvement just keep running with the team and mentally telling yourself to keep going. Lean into uphills and down hills. Lift your knees high on the up hills and pump your arms like it’s nobody’s business.

Good luck (: 

Anonymous asked: I'm looking for racing spikes for xc which ones do you run in & will there be a time difference in running training shoes during a meet vs spikes

There is a difference for me at least. Asics racing spikes are the ones I run in. 

runninxcfordays asked: Hi:) so my season is coming up and I run about 28 miles a week and I do1 hill one tempo and one long run a week plus regular 45-30 minute runs. I've been training super hard and I'm the best on my team as of last year I run 21:18 is there a way I can pr under 20? Some races I run 22 minutes it all depends on the course, but last year I barely trained all summer and now since I'm training I feel like I'll be my ultimate

Oh yeah definitely! That training schedule should put you right on track to be under 20. You go girl! 

Good luck (: 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm starting cross country very soon and I'll be running in my nike free runs at first I hate them but I love them now, would I have to buy better "running shoes" or can I just run in my nikes? Sorry dumb newbie question!

Asics are everyones favorite running shoe usually. I is worth it to make sure a professional running store associate or something fits you for shoes because it can prevent a lot of injuries. 

Anonymous asked: Can I use track spikes for cross country ?

I do (: 

Anonymous asked: I'm new to cross country but I was a 400 sprinter in track season. My coach suggested I join. It's ok but every time I run hills I lose my breath and get side aches. What can prevent this?

Yes that happens hah no worries! Potassium helps with cramps (bananas have a bunch) eat those before hill days. 

Anonymous asked: so practically every varsity runner i've seen has long legs. I'm only 5'0 & I have stubby legs (yay). I'm also the last person out of the girls, and it's discouraging. Are long legged people more suited for xc?

No! It seems that way sometimes but both long and short legs have their advantages. 

Anonymous asked: Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question but if you're running for awhile (30+ minutes) where do you keep your water bottle? Do you just hold it the entire time or just hydrate before you start running?

I’d say before and after (: 

Anonymous asked: So basically I'm going to be a junior and I ran xc last year, I never did any other sport and I loved feeling apart of the team I wrecked my ankles during the season tho and I kept running cus I thought it was normal but I'm better now and now I miss running but I'm out of shape and want to be stronger and better before the season starts do you have any workout, training, anything tips?

Ab workouts help a lot (crunches, planks, push ups) anything to strengthen arms and core. Just a couple miles a day can help get you back in shape even if it’s just four or five days a week. 

Anonymous asked: I just started running cross country for the first time and we had our first time trial today. It was a one mile run and I was just wondering what a good girls mile time would be? Cause I thought I did well for my first time but I wanted to know what like a high school varsity time would be

All schools are different because of size. You could be looking at anything between 16 to 6 minutes on a mile trial 

Anonymous asked: Hello! This is the first year of cross country for me. I ran the mile in track during middle school. I took last year off because the shins splits were so awful )X. I'm currently 5 feet even, short IK. Do you have any advice on how to avoid getting shin splits again? Thank you!

My team runs bare foot in grass to build our muscles in our feet and legs. You’ll be sore at first but I’ve been running for 10 years and have never gotten shin splints. Make sure not too much milage on the cement, try to stick to trails. 

Anonymous asked: Hi im going to be a sophmore and im planning to join xc this season. However im not the best runner my mile is around 10-11min. And i can only run for around 15-20min maximum at a pace slower than fast walking. Im not the most social person either. Very quiet, almost get anxiety from talking to people. I want to do xc because i think i enjoy running. (Started running in may on my own 3 times a week) however, i feel like i would not do well. in addition xc at my school is cliquey. Any tips?

Xc might seem cliquey at your school but you will get the chance to meet a lot of other people from racing and stuff. Runners are notoriously friendly and awkward I think haha so don’t worry about being shy! No one is ever going to judge you for the place you finish in or you’re time because it’s a huge feat for everyone just to finish races. That’s why you’re already a badass. Keep running! It’s good for the soul. 

Anonymous asked: Hi I'm gonna be a freshman this year and I want to try XC. What should I expect doing at the first practice and what should I wear or bring? I sound stupid but please help. What can I do to practice? Practice starts in less than 3 weeks

Bring sweats and a sweatshirt to warm up in, bring water. You probably won’t be doing anything too crazy the first week. A lot of warming up and drills and some running of course. Don’t feel stupid! No one knows what to bring the first day. Good luck (: 

Anonymous asked: Hi! today was my first day at conditioning and i was the only one runnining 1 mile. im starting small and working it up. do you have any tips for me to help build up? and how long does it typically take to see some results on your body?

I’d give it 3 to 4 weeks to notice but you get stronger everyday. Good for you building up slowly! That’s how it’s done. Keep it up (: